Student July 9, 2016

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Social Media & Marketing

I enjoy my working hours on Facebook while all the others work hard on other things. There will be no marketing if there is no product available to promote. I am on board as the head of the design department since the formation of our team, but due to the fact that this task was not my favorite task I chose to go on and do the social media marketing for our products. Just contact me on our Twitter page!

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Development, Design

To come up with an idea that solves an existing problem is great! The biggest challenge for me is the combination between development and design. You can create something new from scratch with a lot of different ideas. It is just a good feeling when a new software is completed even if it takes longer sometimes due to the circumstance that I develop everything in my free time.

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Feedback, Quality Assurance

Small but nice, the big picture is not as relevant to me as the small details within our products. That's the main reason why I run tests on our apps and programs. Our developer is afraid of me because I put our programs to the acid test. If it doesn't show any kind of failure to me, we usually get good feedback from our students.

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Video Production

In my free time I like to travel through Europe. Just recently I traveled through Italy. One thing that I always carry around is my camera due to my passion for photography. My task in our team is the video production for our very own YouTube channel. In addition to cutting and producing videos, I write interesting blog posts on my own site.