Student March 31, 2017

FAQ | STUDWARE - Student Software

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    Is it true that all programs and apps are free of charge?

    Of course! We are all students and know exactly what it means to have barely enough to get around. These programs and apps are developed during our free time and are therefore free of charge for you. Support us in a different way by sharing our site and posts on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. - Thanks

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    Do you support apple devices such as the iPhone?

    No, our software solutions such as apps do not support apple devices. True to the Reborn14 slogan "We Love Apple-Products which you can eat!" xD

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    Why do you publish programs and apps here?

    Students often face the same problems. These problems occur more than once during you highschool or college life. Your work can be done easily with our own software solutions. To help more people we publish these solutions here for the public so that people can access them at all the times.

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    Further questions or additional help needed?

    If you still have questions you can contact us on our contact form, Facebook or Twitter at all times. We try to answer your questions as soon as possible.