Student January 2, 2017

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iCal Rapla Parser

iCal Rapla ParserThe online calendar (called Rapla) which is provided from the DHBW Karlsruhe can be exported into a specific data format (.ics) with this JAVA tool. These iCalender files can then be imported into Outlook and Thunderbird.
In addition to the export into this specific data format, the tool is able to save user preferences for the next time.


JAVA File Rename Manager

File Rename ManagerMaking a lot of changes to a filename is not fun when you have more than a dozen files in one folder. To do this task in a decent amount of time we created the File Rename Manager. The software lets you create a new folder. The program then copies all of the files with the new names into this new folder.
With some simple rules you can decide how the filenames will change. However, if you want to assign a completely different name to the file you need to work with the star-symbol (e.g. in the screenshot).